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  • bodenbelge | zimmer kufstein

    Bodenbelge | ZIMMER KUFSTEIN

    In the 80's, the CHROMOJET system was born Carpet printing is becoming more and more popular. Most of the printed carpets are made out of tufted carpet constructions, using polyamide and wool as face fibre. The newest trend is using Polyester as face fiber because of its price advantage. ZIMMER AUSTRIA offers 3 major printing methods, all based on digital technologies.

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  • carpet solutions: polyamide - dystar

    Carpet Solutions: Polyamide - Dystar

    Make your carpet colorful! Carpet Solutions: Polyamide Dyeing and printing of carpets requires specific solutions. Carpet Solutions: Polyamide Fibers for carpets Substrates To ensure that optimum dyeing and printing processes are used and meet fastness requirements, it is besttapemakingmachine / besttapemakingmachine / besttapemakingmachine 1) Recommended for Chromojet dpi 76 2)

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  • pakteks dis ticaret limited sirketi ,tennis ,turkey


    Pakteks manufactures hotel carpets, artificial turf (Sports Turf, and Landscaping grass) in locations close to Istanbul in locations close to Istanbul. Our production capacity is 10, 000, 000 sqm per year for carpets. Polyamide, polypropylene, polyester, are used for our loop pile and tip sheared models. Chromojet printing system is also available which means we can apply the designs and colors of

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  • manufacturing and printing carpets goes digital | zimmer austria

    Manufacturing and printing carpets goes digital | ZIMMER AUSTRIA

    IDtex 2017 Manufacturing and printing carpets goes digital Printed carpets and doormats are eyecatchers at indoor areas, and we even integrate our existing CHROMOJET spraying nozzles together with the COLARIS piezohead applications, ZIMMER develops individual solutions, in order to achieve high-quality results. “No matter whether the carpet consists of polyamide, of polyester, or of

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  • carpet tiles | zimmer kufstein

    Carpet Tiles | ZIMMER KUFSTEIN

    Printing on roll-to-roll. In this case, the carpet is tufted on a non-woven Polyester primary backing with about 120 g/m 2; To enhance stability, a pre-coat should be applied

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  • zimmer colaris inkjet printer introduces the next generation

    Zimmer Colaris Inkjet Printer Introduces The Next Generation

    Zimmer started with flat screen printing in 1962, rotary screen printing in the 70s and the digital ChromoJET printing system for carpets since 1980. Different digital technologies are available to print carpets and other pile products: This covers a pile weight range of about 200 to 1600 gsm out of polyamide & wool with acid dyes, 0 Comments 0 Likes 168 Views Print Post Your Comment

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  • carpet printing - chromojet

    Carpet Printing - ChromoJet

    CARPET PRINTING Everything you always wanted to know CARPET PRINTING Everything you always wanted to know. J. Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH Kufstein ChromoJet - The Carpet Jet Printing System 6. Printing Systems 7. ChromoJet-F - Speed and Flexibility 8. RotaScreen - Carpet Screen Printing 9. Comments Polyamide Wool Nylon Resilience- Determined by fiber structure and

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  • multifunctional synthetic thickener for chromojet* printing

    Multifunctional synthetic thickener for Chromojet* printing

    printing with Chromojet* machinery. TEXIPOL 67-5055 will produce sharp, well defined prints with excellent colour yield, brightness and (0) 1933 666529 Standard starting point formulation(for polyamide carpets): PBW TEXIPOL 67 -5055 8 - 12 Dispersion of coloured acid dye 1 Water 987 - 991 TOTAL 1000 Note: 1

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  • wall-to-wall (满铺毯) | zimmer kufstein

    Wall-to-Wall (满铺毯) | ZIMMER KUFSTEIN

    This product is especially popular in the contract market like hotels, restaurants, show rooms, offices, For some hospitality applications also printed wool or woolylon is used; Printing Methods. Printing on tufted carpet without secondary backing. Most of the customers in Europe and the Middle East are printing on tufted carpet without secondary backing, which is applied after the The CHROMOJET

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  • chromo - besttapemakingmachine

    chromo - besttapemakingmachine

    Carpet Tile Printing ChromoJET is perfect to print carpet tiles either on individual tiles or on slabs where tiles will be cut out after Linear print speed at besttapemakingmachine dpi 0,6 - 0,8 m/min 1,4 - 1,6 m/min 2,4 - 2,8 m/min 4,4 - 5,4 m/min Linear print speed at besttapemakingmachine dpi in double speed mode. 25 dpi Carpets by Halbmond Teppichwerke GmbH, Oelsnitz Hotel Royal in Eurothermen-Ressort Bad Ischl

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